Tuesday, August 20, 2019

DEAL OF THE WEEK 8/20-8/25

Remember the good old days, when games like Minecraft were the most annoying obsession you had to deal with? When kids talked about "cake wars" and built monuments of mediocrity instead of flossing?

We want to bring back that excitement by helping the kids of today remember their roots. Sure, the older generation had better roots with Super Mario Bros., Pac Man, Sonic, Atari and so forth...

But hey, anything is better than Fortnite.

Starting today and ending on Sunday, we're giving our customers an extra 30% off all preowned builder games, including - Minecraft, Terraria, Fallout 76, Conan Exiles, The Sims, and anything else YOU can convince US belongs in that list.

Hurry in today before your kids start flossing and all hope for the future is lost.